The Clubhouse

The Luberon Golf Clubhouse is the grand centerpiece of our golf club and provides access to each of our sixteen golf courses.

Hailed as the pinnacle of modern architecture by eVulo in 2019, the Clubhouse was designed by Hank Reghy and cost an unprecedented $16 billion. Conceived as a 3,000-foot perfect glass dome flanked by interconnected spires, the Clubhouse has been described as “a futuristic utopia set in a magnificent island garden.”

Featuring its own runway and seaport to service arriving and departing members, the surrounding waters and airspace are secured by the facility to ensure the Club’s safety.

At the Clubhouse, members may relax and check-in at our 200-room hotel whose serenity, prestige and elegance are second to none. There is a wide selection of room types, catering to every conceivable whim and desire.

Members will appreciate the fine dining provided by no less than 5 restaurants, which serve nearly every culinary delight known to man. A gym, spa, sauna, and a 300-meter infinity swimming pool have been thoughtfully provided, to serve as recreational areas between golf sessions.

Unique to the Clubhouse is the Luberon Golf Museum which provides high-tech displays of the history of golf, and interactive holographic depictions of our 16 golf courses.

The Clubhouse is open for events such as conferences, weddings, and anniversaries, but all such arrangements must abide by our members-only policy, and all related services such as catering shall be provided in-house.