Membership and membership rates

The Luberon Golf Club is exclusive for members only.

Guests, including family members or staff, are not allowed unless their own membership fees are paid in full. We do not offer discounts for senior citizens or children.

Membership fee: $10 million (includes a 3 day stay)

Annual fee: $3 million

We will automatically send you an invoice one month before the annual fee is due to remind you of payment. In case of late or non-payment of the annual fee, your membership will be automatically revoked.

You may re-apply for membership, at the standard membership fee, of course. If reapplying, the member must settle the previous annual fee, and a late fee, described as follows:

Late fee (per week):  $500,000

By joining the Club, you will be entering the ranks of the most privileged and elite golfers around the world. You will also gain access to the coveted greens of sixteen of the most beautiful master-crafted golf courses ever conceived.

Please settle the green fees at the Luberon Golf Clubhouse before accessing the courses.