You have arrived.

The Luberon Golf Club is the premier experience for your golfing pleasure, bar none.

Conceived in 1972, the Luberon Golf Club was the brainchild of Duke Oberon IV of Musselburgh, whose name is the very definition of golf royalty. With no less than 47 heads of state around the world pledged as founding members, no expense was spared in over 4 decades of continuous development, culminating in the creation of what Links World has declared “the world’s golfing paradise”.

Lovingly crafted over 9,930 choice acres of a private island in the Mediterranean Sea, the Club is accessible through your choice of transportation – jet, helicopter or ferry – which we will send to your location. All reservations must be made one year in advance, as our facility is in great demand by the world’s wealthiest billionaires.

There is no experience, no vista, that exists outside of the sixteen 18-hole courses that were designed by only the greatest golfers of the last century, whose proud roster includes the likes of Lyon Forrest, John Kringle, and Robert James. From the carefully manicured Bermuda grass on the gently rolling greens to the exquisite panoramas of surf crashing against the island cliffs, to the majestic backdrop of a cataract waterfall that must be seen to be believed, the Luberon Golf Club offers an experience like no other.

Meticulous planning went into the courses, which feature traditional strategic, penal, and heroic design holes, and incorporate newer methodologies such as detour and lay-up design holes. Every course maintains its own aesthetic, as well as its own underlying philosophy. Our popular Bethesda Course will challenge even the most skilled golf athlete, whereas the enigmatic Kathmandu Course offers a relaxing, more cerebral game.

Whatever your pleasure, you will find it here at the Luberon Golf Club.