The Royal Tournament (Starts December 15, 2019)

“Blue blood is no guarantee of any particular merit, competence, or expertise.”

That being said, the advantages of royalty cannot be denied, as it is the first (and only) qualification of this exclusive 5-day event. Applications must be completed at this website before November 30, 2019.

Only true royalty is allowed, titles such as king, queen, prince, princess, duke, duchess, baron, baroness, emperor, empress, khan, caliph, tsar or sultan are acceptable; state dignitaries, such as presidents or prime ministers from republican, communist, and other forms of government are not qualified.

As royalty are not generally known for their golfing prowess, contestants are allowed to select proxies or “knights” to play golf in their stead. Knights must be registered as full-time members, as per our Club policy.

This event is generally regarded as friendly, however, abdications and sudden betrothals of heirs have been known to follow the results of this tournament.

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