The Billionaire’s Challenge (Ongoing till the end of October)

The title of this tournament had the air of exclusivity in 1980 when the contest was first conceived. Today, with 100% of our members listed as the world’s top billionaires, the name serves no purpose but tradition. Registration is available at this website until October 15, 2019, but daily matches have been ongoing since the beginning of October.

Contestants vie for the honor of winning the coveted Luberon Golf Grandmaster Trophy and a choice of vehicle from any manufacturer around the globe, which the Club will furnish. Military-grade or weaponized vehicles, as well as vehicles exceeding 13,500 tons, however, are not allowed. Custom paint job requests are encouraged, though, and are on the house.

This contest is known for its fierce, under-the-table wagers, where entire commercial empires change hands at the drop of a golf ball.

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